Antique Doll Talk and Presentation

The field of antique doll collecting is fun and exciting. But people hesitate to buy an antique doll because sometimes they seem so expensive. After all, dolls are just toys, aren’t they? Come to this Explore and Expand seminar and find out about antique dolls. Find out how you can tell if a doll is really antique or a reproduction, learn to identify the age of the doll, learn how antique dolls were made and why French dolls are more expensive than German Dolls. Also learn what the terms used with antique doll identification mean such as bisque, china, composition, and celluloid. The author will share dolls from her own collection. Feel free to bring your questions and your own old doll as well.

Marianna Boncek has collected dolls since she was a girl (which was a very long time ago!) Previously, she worked for Seeley’s Ceramic, which at the time of her employment was the largest supplier of doll making supplies in the world. She has also made her own porcelain dolls. She is the former owner of Enchanted Children a doll and toy shop located outside Cooperstown, New York

Date:February 9, 2019

Place: Desmond Campus of Mt. St. Mary College, 6 Albany Post Road, Newburgh, NY 12550 (This is not on the main campus.)

Time: 10:30a.m.-Noon

Cost: $15

Call to register: 845-565-2076 or register by email


Go to their website and look at all the classes, lectures and trips the Desmond Center has. This is an absolutely gem for people in the Hudson Valley. I am happy to be part of their series.

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