Gone Missing in New York

Gone Missing in New York
Genre: True Crime
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Publication Year: 2011
Format: Paperback
Length: 160
ASIN: 0764338374
ISBN: 9780764338373

Each year, hundreds of New Yorkers disappear under mysterious circumstances never to be heard from again, with their families and loved ones waiting painfully, as the years crawl by, for some word of what happened to them.

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About the Book

This book explores this painful epidemic by highlighting individual stories of the missing and their families, among them a 22-month-old baby and a noted judge. Sections include unidentified missing human remains found in New York State, investigation procedures, and the pros and cons of hiring a private detective or a psychic. Perhaps one of these touching accounts will offer hope that someone, somewhere, might have the missing piece to one of these devastating puzzles and help bring any one of these missing persons’ home.

I am the eldest sister of a 22 month old baby, Frederick Andrew Holmes taken from his home in Grahamsville, NY (Sullivan County, the heart of the Catskills)on May 25, 1955. The author, Mariana Boncek, has written this book with obvious care and concern of the victims as well as family members. It is a subject of mystery to many people. Where are all the missing? Where did they go? We, the familty of the missing in NY ( and elsewhere for that matter) live with the pain on a daily basis. Even after 57 years I still keep looking. Where is Freddie? Is he still with us? Taken as a baby and raised with a different name and family, he may not realize that he was a kidnapped child and that his family wants him home! An important book with important messages.
I really enjoyed this book. Most of the cases I had never read about so it held my interest. The author gives you just enough insight into each case without drawing them out and losing the reader. Highly recommend this book.
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