Spooky Hudson Valley

Spooky Hudson Valley
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Publication Year: 2010
Format: Paperback
Length: 160
ASIN: 0764333844
ISBN: 9780764333842

This book is written as a guide book to the haunted places of the Hudson Valley.

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About the Book

Meet the ghost of Anna Dorthea Swarts who was savagely dragged to her death by an enraged master. Visit historic Huguenot Street, where every house is hauntedfrom a vicious “”Axe Man”” to a headless woman who wanders the streets. Read the elegy of Maria Deyo, who calmly murdered her three children and killed herself.

Just started reading it; it's very well written and the author gives you great ideas on how to ghost hunt. I recommend it
Marianna Boncek's guidebook "Spooky Hudson Valley" is an afternoon read that timelessly delights. Boncek gives the reader tragic history regarding the haunted locations, spoken or personal accounts about the hauntings, and all information necessary to enjoy his or herself during a visit to the sites. What truly makes the book worthwhile is its dynamic ability to entertain. After the book has been finished, it serves two purposes: first, the reader can use the book to recount local ghost stories to friends; second, the reader can use the book as a guide to visit the haunted locations and possibly experience the hauntings him or herself. Needless to say, "Spooky Hudson Valley", though shorter than "Harry Potter", provides many more hours of experienceable magic than any fantasy book on the market.
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